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Later we married in Sri Lanka and now live together in Kuwait

We met online - she was a workaholic from Tehran, Iran - never lived anywhere else but worked for a company doing work internationally. I am an American and have lived in Kuwait over 8 years so I am used to things Middle Eastern. Our first encounter was in Istanbul where she walked my legs off during the day and at night we visited on the terrace of our hotel in the historic district of Istanbul. I had given her my word of honor that I would be a complete gentleman since she had seen all our Yank movies and was worried I would try to do something she was not willing to do before marriage. I was true to my word. In fact we never even kissed before we were married. Later we married in Sri Lanka and now live together in Kuwait. The kiss, by the way, was worth the wait. Good luck in your search. 

Once again thank you

We meet on the 14 of june 2007 When Nyssa sent me a message. I was a little scared to reply at first as I thought a pretty girl could never take a intrest in me after my ex left me and the 3 kids. But I finally got up the nerves and replyed we started talking and found that we have a lot in common from our sense of humour and even our star signs and that family life was all that mattered to us both. We had bad pasts but our futures looked bright together. We started talking for 2 weeks but we could both feel there was more there and nether of us could hide it very well. After talking for 3 weeks I drove to orange to meet Nyssa and her family after not being uble to put two thoughts together any longer and all my family and friends being sick of me saying Nyssa this and Nyssa that but they were all happy for me that someone was putting a smile on my face and turning me back to the Gary of old that loved to joke. Once I drove all the way to orange from Liverpool and finally knocked on Nyssa's door all we could do is stare at each other and and talk and hug I knew I loved her to death and that she felt the same way about me we had dinner and talked some more and Then we kissed and it felt like time stood still I did not want it to end I did not want to let her go nor did she want me to stop she was amazing her heart made the room bright ( they say when you are born your soul is spilt into two and you can spend your life looking for the other part but when I looked into her eyes I knew that I had found mine and it was meant to be.) When either of us are sad the first thing we do is ring the other person just to hear their voice it brightens any sadness away and even if our day is going bad it changes in a flash as soon as I hear her voice it is like magic. She has taken the the view that my kids are hers and that her son is mine and that to me is the perfect woman I could not see my life without her any more I only wish I can make her half as happy as what she makes me and I would go to the end of the earth for her if she asked. There are some plans for marriage her friends and family are already planning it as they think that I am one of a kind and that I will never hurt Nyssa or her son they are right about that I would never do anything to even make the two of them shed a tear I will go out of my way to stop that from happening. I hope to marry her in a couple of years (That's if she lets me) haha and I will be moving up to be with her very soon. Nyssa sees me as something amazing but I only see me as me I do nothing special I just love them with all my heart and I feel like the luckest person a live all because I took a chance and went on this web site I never thought a dream like this could come true and these sites where all ways fake but you made a believer out of me and I am happy That I took the chance on this site and I recomend it to anyone that thinks that life has thrown you a curve ball just take that chance you never know what you are going to find... You could end up like me and find the woman of your dreams. Once again thank you Dreams do come true. As you can see from the pic I am holing tight and never letting go. 

We met in 2005 and we had a great time just getting to know each other...We travelled many places he was exciting and good to know...I wish I had met him a long time ago. I have married my lovely husband...and we are so happy together...I will never want another man, cos he is so good for me. But I enjoyed looking and I wish everyone else good luck.... 

Never lose hope!

We came from two separate worlds, I from Montreal, Canada and Simone from São Paulo, Brazil. Both from broken marriages and both sworn to never remarry again. Until one day I decided to try out this website called After only a couple of Months, I came across this beautiful girl's profile and decided to say hello, with no expectations. She replied and we started talking in August of 2011, we talked everyday, first on this site and then over the phone. Before we knew it, we were falling deeply in love with each other. In February of 2012, I went to visit her in São Paulo and the love grew stronger. We visited various parts of Brazil together, went to Carnaval, took a helicopter ride over São Paulo. I bonded with her 8 year old son, he started calling me dad and stole my heart. Coming back home was torture after the magical moments we spent together! We decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together so before leaving, I proposed. On September 30, 2012, we got married in São Paulo! The happiest day of my life! I finally found my soul mate and a brother for my two little girls. We will be a happy family of 5 here in Montreal, thanks to this website. What I never thought would be possible became possible! Thank you! Never lose hope! Paulo & Simone 

I met my wife here online!

i met my wife here online! went to the Philippines met her and filed visa's for her and children. we are all united here in the USA together!!!!